6th June – Sounds of snow

I have a proper update in process, but in the meantime, I thought I would share some of the sounds of yesterday up on Foxfonna glacier….but my trusty phone that has been a very reliable tool so far in all my audio recordings didn’t pick it up. It was too much to ask perhaps, given we had to stand absolutely still to hear it ourselves. So I’m stuck with words again! It was a little un-nerving from my perspective as a glacier-newbie to hear running water coming from a significant body of snow/ice/rock not far away and hearing the odd small tumble of snow and general gentle ‘puffs’ of it shifting about. The shapes and sounds the wind and snow make are mesmerising sometimes and certainly awe-inspiring! [Fear not we were being careful in all the right ways, avalanche beacons strapped on and keeping our distance…]

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