Submission and beyond!

Newsflash! Finally, the thesis is in, awaiting viva examination and I have recovered enough from the process to start talking about it again. Yesterday, I found the perfect opportunity to do so – I was lucky enough to visit the BAS (British Antarctic Survey). The fact that it was hosting an interdisciplinary, social science focussed… Read More

Making is Connecting and Making Connections: Post conference thoughts of the RGS

At the end of August I attended the Royal Geographic Society (with IBG)’s annual conference in London. In preparation for, during and after the event I did a fair amount of reflecting on what the purpose of taking part in conferences are. I think it’s fair to say that academics put a fair amount of… Read More

Multi-modal meanings, multi-media methods

This week I took part in a two day interdisciplinary, multi-modal research workshop, organised by the ESRC Wales DTC in Cardiff. The aim of the day was to explore the different modes we make meaning and observe with, the affordances of four key media with which we can record ethnographic observations, and the relationship between… Read More

29th June- 2nd July: Times of change in Barentsburg

I’ve been following the dicussions in the local paper on the changes to the built environment in Barentsburg over the last few months. Having seen the stark contrasts between old and new last year, I could see where these debates were coming from and where the concerns and different view points on cultural heritage value,… Read More

21st June – Midsummer and the media

Photographing the photographers at midnight. This was a pretty big fire to begin with. This time I was ready! Last year I arrived the day before midsummer.  Surprised and happy I was not finding it THAT cold in Svalbard, I headed down to the midsummer bonfire party on the beach in  a normal set of… Read More