My passion lies in trying to make a positive impact in the world. Academically this directs me towards critical exploration of the ways our species can live on this planet and sharing what understandings I glean.

I am currently a teaching associate at the Scott Polar Research Institute and Cambridge University’s Geography department, continuing work from my ESRC funded Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Aberystwyth University. The main feature of this website is the Svalbard Futures  project, which extends the work of my PhD, ‘Saving Svalbard‘, this investigated natural and cultural heritage conservation in Svalbard using a value perspective.

My research interests are centred on nature-culture relations and processes of change and include: polar, arctic and rural geographies, climate change, conservation and sustainability, political ecology, environmental values, theories of value, globalization, assemblage theory and participatory methods. Through my other activities, and past work I am also interested in the geographies of making, environmental building, energy and behaviour change.