My passion lies in trying to make a positive impact in the world. Academically this directs me towards critical exploration of the ways our species can live on this planet and sharing what understandings I glean.

I am currently an ESRC funded Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Aberystwyth University. My current project, Svalbard Futures, extends the work of my PhD, ‘Saving Svalbard‘, which investigated natural and cultural heritage conservation in Svalbard using a value perspective. This website will host the latest news, resources and publications as the project develops.

My research interests are centred on nature-culture relations and processes of change and include: polar, arctic and rural geographies, climate change, conservation and sustainability, political ecology, environmental values, theories of value, globalization, assemblage theory and participatory methods. Through my other activities, and past work I am also interested in the geographies of making, environmental building, energy and behaviour change.