Latest papers from the Svalbard Futures project.

Saville, S. M. (2020). ‘Locating value(s) in political ecologies of knowledge: The East Svalbard management plan’ In S. M. Saville & G. Hoskins (Eds.), Locating Value (pp. 173–185). Routledge.

Saville, S.M. (2019) Value and Decision Making in Svalbard: report. in English: Value and decision making in Svalbard, or Norwegian Value and decision making in Svalbard- Norsk.
Saville, S. M. (2018). Tourists and researcher identities: critical considerations of collisions, collaborations and confluences in Svalbard. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 0(0), 1–17. If you cannot access this journal, this is a pre-production proof you can read.