Book published!

I’m very happy this edited collection is finally out in the world and on library shelves. It was a long haul, my first as an editor, but we made it! Value has been my thinking companion throughout my Svalbard research. You can see how I apply this in my own contribution to the book. What has been nice about this project is to bring lots of other ways to use value as a research tool together and learn from them all.

Here’s what the blurb on the back says, if it sounds tempting, try and request it for your local university library, or right now the ebook is less than £25!

This book considers the concept of ‘value’ at the root of our actions and decision-making. Value is an ever-present, yet little interrogated aspect of everyday life. This book explores value as it is theorised, practiced and critiqued from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

It examines how value is operationalized, endorsed and contested in contemporary society. With international insights from leading scholars, chapters offer a diverse and vibrant geographical engagement with value to showcase its conceptual flexibility. The book explores value’s eclectic epistemic foundations; it’s ‘roll-out’ and legitimation across a range of policy fields; and its challenges and opportunities. The book draws on global examples of value in practice: from forest conservation in Indonesia; protected area management in arctic Norway; a state park in the US; certification schemes for biodiversity in the UK; protection of the international night sky; heritage planning in East Taiwan; a re-developed airport site in Norway; a, local food networks in Canada and the UK; a market in the US and urban development in China.

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