PhD Prezi

Last month has been a busy one: I presented an introduction to my PhD project to fellow human geographers amidst the beautiful grounds of Gregynog. The director of the ESRC Wales DTC came along too, they have a little piece on the conference here.

I’ve just gotten back from the Royal Geographic Society’s Postgraduate Mid-Term conference, hosted by Birmingham University, which was a great experience, hearing about so many interesting research plans and findings and meeting even more geography PhDers. You can find out a bit more about what went on there from the Tweets on the home page and the #rgsmidterm hashtag.  Both of these conferences were really supportive for sharing ideas on a non-threatening platform and encouraging us newbies on the scene, so anyone out there in a similar position, I’d encourage you to go to similar events, the midterm runs every year.


Birmingham University Campus in the snow
I thought it might be nice to let people outside the conferences in on what I presented as well, given that it seems (if it works that is) pretty easy to share these things, so here it is! This is around 20 minutes long – each time you move/zoom to a new bit an audio clip should start playing (there are a few slides without audio though). All feedback welcome on any aspect! Enjoy!

Prezi Presentation: Polarising Nature-culture: Values in Svalbard

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