May 17th- Flags a-flying!

May 17th is Norway’s Constitution day, kicking of with a bang (well a few) at 7am this morning. The majority of the town’s residents and visitors were out and about for the parade today, with smart togs, traditional dress, hi-vis silver band, many flags and ‘hoorahs’. It seemed like a rightly happy occasion and holiday day (for some). There were things going on all through the day, children’s programmes, art exhibition openings, speeches…Sadly, the evening cultural event was so packed out, not everyone could fit in, including me, but it was a beauty of a day for town wandering as well. There are lots of things I have yet to learn about this particular day’s traditions, but I’d REALLY like to know why they played God Save the Queen before the speeches this morning, that was a bit of a shock and puzzlement!

One thought on “May 17th- Flags a-flying!

  1. Little update. A couple of people have pointed out that the Norwegian Royal Anthem is to the same tune as God Save the Queen, so that little mystery is solved!

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