22nd May – A little adventure

Thank you Aberystwyth Rifle and Pistol Club, today I was VERY glad that I had some practice with firing ‘big guns’ under my belt! We hired a rifle and escaped the confines of town a little way to go and see the Svalbard Global Seed Vault up close. Conveniently, this was on the way to the rifle range so I could get some practice with an unfamiliar rifle before heading further afield. It was all a little surreal, walking about with a rifle slung over my shoulder and trying to imagine the caverns of seeds hidden within the mountain accessed via this little concrete protusion. The haunting whislte of the wind through the ventilation fins on the front of the tunnel added to the eery atmosphere. The kick from the Mauser and reverberations of shots around the snow-covered cove of the shooting range certainly brought things back to earth with a bump, well, bang!

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