30th May – Water above and below

Another week of extremely interesting conversations, but photography-wise, I’ve been lacking in inspiration on what to share. It has been grey, cloudy and mizzly these last few days. The mountain tops have dissappeared from view under cloud and I remember now this is very much like how it was when I arrived almost a year ago. It wasn’t until about day 4 that i knew there were mountains right in front of me at all!

PictureRun-off from the hills

I am continually fascinated by the ever-changing ice/snow/water scapes though. It struck me today that though town is not a completely silent place at all (quite a bit of road traffic, and previously scooter traffic), it was pretty quiet when it was colder and more icy. The snow seemed to muffle noises, but now the sound of running water is all around. Out exploring last week, if we sat still for a while we could hear soft cascades of mushy snow shifting about.

So, I thought I’d share a bit of the soundscape up here: a small meltwater stream between Haugen and Nybyen, featuring a passing van, snow-buntings and my footsteps in the gravel at the side of the road…

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File Type: mp3

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Big cavern being carved by the main river that is gathering force. Already sounds quite thunderous at this size!

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