9th June – Ducks that don’t quack

Mondays seem to be email and organise days for me, but on a foray into the fresh air, I thought I would try and get some more interesting noises to share. It always seems to surprise me that different places can sound so different, I’m not sure why it is surprising, but unfamiliar animal noises are particularly noticeable and a bit comedic somehow. I don’t think I’ll forget first hearing a kookaburra in Australia, it sounded just like friends making daft monkey noises!

Last year when I visited the eider ducks there were just females nesting, and they do quack a little bit.  Earlier in the season male ducks are around, which look rather different and also sound very different. I think they are softly cooing to gain a mate, but I have no idea really. Have a listen for yourself! The eider ducks like hanging out between two dog enclosures, safety from foxes, so there might be an occasional howl as well.

I heard a less peaceful noise for the first time last night too, the angry shrieks of the arctic tern. I’ll try and capture that when they are more prolific. I can’t say I’m looking forward to their dive-bombing antics, hopefully they won’t decide to nest too near my door!

File Size: 892 kb
File Type: eider_ducks_9th_june[1]

Download File

Watch out for the ending (loud wind/ shuffling noise!)

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