13th June – 3 seasons in one day

PictureI think Svalbard might be a place where people talk about the weather as much as in the UK, perhaps even more. Up here it really makes a huge difference and changes incredibly fast. Today started off as a lovely sunny spring-feeling morning. By lunch time it was feeling a bit damp and rainy, let’s call that autumn. Up until literally a minute ago it was snowing sideways and the cloud was so low I couldn’t see all of the fjord from my window, let alone the mountains, winter was back! Right now though, the clouds are starting to part, the mist is rising and the sun is trying to come back, crazy stuff!

This post is also advanced warning – there will be a break in blogging services until Monday, if all goes to plan (the weather will be a factor here) I will be in Pyramiden (no internet) for a few days and normal posting will return Tuesday 🙂

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