5th July – The hills are alive!

I haven’t said much about the landscape round town for some time. To be honest, for a while I got busy and less attentive after the excitement of the ever changing ice-snow situation in the melt a month or so ago. Also, I have felt more and more weird walking round with a camera given the increased number of tourists around, and my emerging identity as some sort of ‘non-tourist’. Well, the wheel keeps turning and though it was a bit grey for a while, summer and plants have to act fast around here. Now, there are flowers everywhere. And grass, not just the straggly yellow stuff that was around before, actual green grass 🙂 oh, and some moss. Seems I won’t get complete ‘landscape shock’ when I get home afterall. So I went out especially for you this cloudy evening and tried to look as casual and local as possible with my camera (probably a fail on that count!)…

2 thoughts on “5th July – The hills are alive!

  1. I appreciate the flowers esp as my Welsh poppies have now finished flowering. Thanks for suffering being a snap-happy tourist for a bit!

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