Trip stats

PictureBack to Aberystwyth just in time to see the sunset! Being a largely qualitative researcher, it’s not that often you’ll see that many figures in my work. Sometimes putting a number on things is interesting and can give a good overall picture though, so here are a few random things that you might be interested in, quantified from the recent Svalbard fieldwork trip I’m just back from…

  • Days in Svalbard: 58
  • Interviews conducted: 63
  • Survey responses: 40 (still open online)
  • Photos taken: 3010
  • No. Tweets: 60 (roughly, it’s hard to count them!)
  • No. blog posts: 40
  • Business cards left: 0 !
  • Hours of darkness: 0
  • Trips out of Longyearbyen: 7
  • No. days of proper rain: 0.5 (or 0 if you judge by Welsh standards)
  • Polar bear sightings: 0 (but I saw 3 last year :))
  • Walrus sightings: 0
  • Seal sightings: 0
  • Whale sightings: 0.1 (saw a glimpse of a fin whale maybe, sort of)
  • No. Reindeer sightings: lots, I lost count!
  • No. Polar fox sightings: 2
  • Travel C02 emissions:  2250kg (approx, excluding boat trips)

So, yes, it’s maybe more interesting what I decided to count up than the actual figures?

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