Announcing office hours

It was a great privilege to present my work to a good crowd at Longyearbyen library last night. I walked folks through my PhD at quite a pace (I think they kept up!) and introduced what I am doing in town now. If you missed it, well now you have to read the whole thing, there’s a copy in the library! Just joking, I’ve made a pdf of the talk, with roughly what I said underneath each slide:

Saving Svalbard?

So what am I doing for the next two weeks? Hanging around with intent as usual! No seriously, I am focussing now on updating my research about how Svalbard’s future is imagined, what changes are occuring and how value is entangled within the economic, social, poltiical and environmental transitions that are underway. I am also interested if you have any feedback about what I think I found out about environmental protection practices and who you think needs to know about it/ it might be useful to.

me thumbs up

So, if you would like to help me out and share your views, and everyone’s views are welcome, as always, please get in touch. I can also be found Monday-Saturday, at Fruene cafe, 1600-1700 until 19th February. Come and chat with me, I’m pretty harmless, see!


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