Putting value theory into action?


Last month I presented a seminar on ‘Putting value theory into action’, in our Aberystwyth departmental seminar series ‘Dialogues in Human Geography’ alongside the imminently interesting Jon Brettell talking about puddles (yes, puddles!). It was a good challenge to finally bring together my thoughts on value and how to relate it to Svalbard. Presenting in front of colleagues and friends always seems more nerve-wracking than a room of strangers too, so I’m glad I made it out of the other side unscathed!

Read on if you want to hear what I said… 🙂

Glutton for punishment then, I have made an audio-visual version for those that missed it or are outside the Aberystwyth bubble! The voice over should start up with the Prezi, most, but not all the slides have audio. It should be about 20 minutes long and covers why I’m looking at value theory and how I relate that to Svalbard; value theory and definitions and finishes with a small case study of Pyramiden.

Hope you enjoy, if you have any feedback, ideas, thoughts on any of it, please leave a comment or get in touch, thanks!
[Here’s a direct link to the Prezi as well]

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