Svalbard, jeg er her igjen!

I’m back in Svalbard (with slightly more Norwegian under my belt) for the next two months for the main fieldwork of the PhD. Most of my time is likely to be spent chasing people around for interviews and discussions, doing said interviews, transcribing them, thinking about them and generally observing the goings on here (more in this post on what kind of things I’ll be talking about with them). Thinking about how best to blog all this has led to a change of tack. As much as I want to be open and public about my geographical research, I also can’t go telling you about who said what after every encounter I have, and that wouldn’t be great reading either as well as being very unethical etc etc. So, drumroll, I’ve decided that since I’ll also be taking lots of photos, most of which will only be seen by me, just for practical reasons, I’m going to post one a day on here with a few quick thoughts about it.


As I am behind by a fews days already, I’ll post a few today to catch up and avoid making too many difficult decisions, though choosing these from many was hard enough! I’ve gone for a tourism and change theme today…

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