13th May- typical tourism with a slight twist

We walked out to the easterly town limits this evening. Mainly because I wanted to say ‘hei’ to the cute husky dogs along the way. As we arrived at the infamous polar bear sign however, two gentlemen came along and we watched as they appeared to be having great fun climbing the thing. Assuming they would want a shot of the two of them together there, I offered to take one. After a little confusion and discovery that I can understand a bit of Swedish now my Norwegian has progressed from zilch to ‘bare litt’ (only a little bit), they showed us they had actually been retrieving a Geocache that was inside the sign post (hopefully that’s not a spoiler for any potential geo-cachers out there). In fact, they had trouble signing the log book as it was already completely full. Turns out there are several Geocaches just in Longyearbyen, and a few further afield. How interesting…
I could also say quite a lot about mobility, polar bears and how the two relate in Svalbard as well, but sometimes pictures speak louder.

One thought on “13th May- typical tourism with a slight twist

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