Continuing the journey – Time to share

This year the PhD finally became 100% official, I have the piece of paper! Two years on from submission I am now back to thinking all things Svalbard again. I am extremely grateful to have won funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to develop my doctoral research and myself as an academic over the course of the next year.During the next 12 months I will be returning to Svalbard to update my research. It is also an opportunity to feedback some of my findings and get local input into how to best use them to make a positive impact. Mostly I will be focused on producing academic papers and furthering my skills and experience. I continue to endeavor that all this philosophising also gets translated to wider audiences and as part of that, a new website is in the making. It will feature more interactive and informative resources and less waffling from me (maybe!). Watch this space!

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