Going Public

The flights are booked, the diary is filling up. After 4 years, it is time to return to the scene. Next week, 31st January, I begin a 3 week re-visit to Svalbard. One of the goals of the Svalbard Futures project is to share the findings from my PhD research and to talk through how it can be useful for the Svalbard communities. So, it’s really exciting that I will be presenting a summary of my research soon after I arrive in Longyearbyen.

At this event I’ll talk through my findings from 4 years of research. I’ll be talking through the ‘answers’ I found to the questions of what matters and why in Svalbard? How do we protect what we care about, who decides and how do they do that? Then I will open the floor to questions, discussions and debate. This is a chance for people to have a say in my current research and share thoughts about change and the future of Svalbard.  So, if you are in Longyearbyen 6th February, come on down to the library for 6pm!

If you would like to talk to me whilst I am in Svalbard, diary slots for interviews, more events and chats are open! I can send you more information about the project and what is involved, get in touch!

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